Cesar Marquez: Innocence

  I wanted to capture the innocence of a child. A child is full of life, joy, and no worries. This is an image … [Continue Reading]

Cesar Marquez

Zennia Exlia Orozco: The Bakery

  Pan dulce is a big part of my life. My great grandmother, Guadalupe Guerro, always gave it to me. She was a … [Continue Reading]

Zennia Orozco

Javier Montanez: We Are Not a Minority

  The photograph I took exemplifies Mexican culture. I took this photo because the mural captured my attention … [Continue Reading]

Javier Montanez

Luis Escobar: Dead Grass, Dead Cement

  As evolved and adept as our eyes may be, life passes in front of us like a movie. Remembering big events that … [Continue Reading]

Luis Escobar

Beatriz Magallanes: Trompos (Tops)

  The definition of culture is summed up in one word: tradition. When I go back to my earliest memory, my … [Continue Reading]

Beatriz Magallanes

Armando Murillo: Hipster or Homeless?

This picture was taken Downtown, where Occupy LA is going on. It picture appealed to me when I took it because the man … [Continue Reading]

Armando Murillo

Jessica Munoz: Born And Raised In Boyle Heights

When you first take a glance at this picture, you will see how it’s in and out of focus. Because of the way it has high … [Continue Reading]

Jessica Munoz

Bianca Perez: The Golden Secret

  On a Thursday morning, my photography group took a field trip to Whittier Boulevard in East Los Angeles. My … [Continue Reading]

Bianca Perez

Nanette Perea: Faith

  My mother’s childhood was beautiful. She was never talked to about God, nor about faith, nor was she taken to … [Continue Reading]

Nanette Perea

Fredy Hernandez: Freedom Has Never Been Given!!!

  I took this photo because I hardly ever see handmade signs at bus stops. This scene got my attention because … [Continue Reading]

Fredy Hernandez

Nathaniel Aaron Ojeda: Free Rising

  This photograph is made to represent youth culture, though not all of us skateboard. But skateboarding is much … [Continue Reading]

Nathaniel Aaron Ojeda

Jaime Negrete: Mysteries Inside the Unknown

  The Golden Gate Theater was built in the year 1927 on the prominent corner of Whittier and Atlantic in East … [Continue Reading]

Jaime Negrete
The Pacific Standard Talk Student Team is working with the Humanitas Academy of Art and Technology (HAAT) at the Esteban E. Torres High School in East Los Angeles. In partnership with Digital Imaging Instructor, Joan Dooley, NBCT, the Student Team will be highlighting nearly 90 students’ work and asking them to reflect on their experience as an artist in Southern California.

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